Welcome to CamoTek Industries

Hi, I am Dee Alfonso, Website Consultant for CamoTek Industries… and I thank you for taking the time out to view our business online… We are a family run Web Design Business, located in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We understand what it means to need to make as much money as you can with as little investment, or overheads as possible.

We, at CamoTek Industries believe, that a website is the crucial key to instigating that action. We at CamoTek Industries believe strongly, that a well-structured, marketing structured, with clear “call to action” segments, and with the optimal level of SEO integrated website, can achieve just that for you.

I implore you to now, take the second step, in contacting us to query, or question whether we can aid in the above by providing our web design services to you, or your business… Based on our track record, and the fact the we really care for our clients and their businesses, you won’t be disappointed. We will provide cutting edge Web tools that will assist in you growing your business organically. 

We look really forward to meeting with you, there are so many ways and so many services that we can provide to help you with your business goals, but we’ll leave that to when we speak.

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